On a Mission, Episode 7: Dr. Kellie McElhaney

Dr. Kellie McElhaney is the founding director of the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She started her career in banking, which she calls a heavily masculine industry, where women were compelled to exercise leadership in a masculine way. She is fighting the good fight in the corporate world to insist that yes - welcoming different skill sets, different personalities, different genders, and different ethnicities into the board room is not just a nice thing to do, but that it’s in fact good for the bottom line. Something business types like to hear 🙂 She’s the author of a book called Just Good Business.

On a Mission, Episode 4: Xouhoa Bowen

Today it’s Xouhoa Bowen. She is an activist, former PeaceCorps volunteer, and the founder and CEO of Community Impact Lab, a nonprofit organization in my neighborhood dedicated to taking action and to expanding opportunities for everyone, especially women and children.

On a Mission : Episode 2, featuring Chase Tibbs

If you don’t know Chase Tibbs, host of the Faith + Capital podcast, I’m so excited to introduce him to you. He’s a pastor’s kid from Indiana, raised in a conservative White evangelical community… but he started asking questions. “Is there only one Christian interpretation of sexuality?” “What about the Bible? Is there only one …

On a Mission: Episode 1

On today’s episode we chat with Anne Symens-Bucher, co-visionary behind Oakland, California’s Canticle Farm, a Franciscan-inspired community of activists, families and other folks growing food, sharing with the neighborhood, and building community.


My husband is known for saying, “It’s all about angles.” Whether trying to sink a basket on the court or not fall down the stairs, he’s right. In my classroom, we start every semester naming our Social Locations, our “angles” from which we experience the world. Even though this takes three class periods, I find …

A new podcast!

I'm so excited to share with you a series of conversations I've had over the summer and early fall with some of the most mission-driven folks I know. I sat down with 10 fascinating people of many genders, beliefs, ages, and places to talk with them about why they do what they do and what …