Episode 18: A Radical, Eucharistic Life with Jamie L. Manson

Jamie L. Manson wrote the column entitled Grace on the Margins for National Catholic Reporter for 12 years. She recently left that post to become the President of Catholics for Choice. 

We talk about her journey as an out-lesbian Catholic journalist. We talk about reproductive health as a human right. We talk about her deep sacramental spirituality. We talk about Pope Francis…who, by the way… does he read Jamie’s columns? Take a listen and see what you think. 

Episode 19: Episode 19: Getting Real with Gabrielle Blair On a Mission

Today we are talking with Gabrielle Blair. You might know her from blogging and social media as Design Mom. She is a powerhouse in the world of blogging and design. She has six (!) children and currently lives in Normandy, France where she’s renovating a couple of properties, blogging many times a week, and basically killing it as an entrepreneur. In our conversation, we talk about Mormonism 101, her personal spirituality, and her take on divisive political issues. Listen along as Gabrielle takes us on a basic sex ed class emphasizing how to prevent unwanted pregnancies (and she’s the mother of 6 – we best listen). We go behind the scenes of the writing and publication of her pieces about gun violence, dealing with Trump supporters, plus – don’t miss why she says men have zero interest in lowering the number of abortions in the United States. Trigger warning: we talk about suicide within the LGBTQ+ community and gun violence in the U.S. and also the impact of guns in suicide Also – a warning – this podcast talks about adult topics like abortion and gun violence. Parents, I encourage you to exercise caution when deciding whether to listen within earshot of the young ones. Learn more about Mormonism Read about the Mormon Patriarchal Blessing My Twitter Thread on abortion Twitter thread on guns not being the answer to protecting your family Defund the police Hey Trump Supporters: I Don’t Make Content For You Forgiveness post  What Are Your Thoughts on a Female God?   Follow Gabrielle @designmom on Instagram and Twitter.     Find complete show notes at http://www.molleendupreedominguez.com
  1. Episode 19: Episode 19: Getting Real with Gabrielle Blair
  2. Episode 18: Episode 18: A Radical, Eucharistic Life with Jamie L. Manson
  3. Episode 17: A Queer Catholic Experience with Zinzy Nev Geene
  4. Episode 16: Holy Boldness with Lydia Tinajero Deck
  5. Episode 15: Doing the Work Your Soul Must Have with Casey Stanton

Other resources Jamie mentioned: 

Read Jamie’s columns in National Catholic Reporter

Catholics for Choice

Fulton Case Before SCOTUS Could Be “Crushing Blow” to LGBTQ Rights
Pope Francis still places heterosexual couples above LGBTQ people like me
Desecration of sacred images demands bolder action from Vatican
Pope Francis apologizes that Amazon synod ‘Pachamama’ was thrown into Tiber River
LGBTQ people need justice, not mercy, from Pope Francis
Dignity USA

Jamie’s 2020 Advent Retreat with Call to Action

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