On a Mission: Season Two Is Back!

We’re back, y’all! It’s time to listen to another season of inspired and inspiring people who are living their missions in the world.

Today I’m talking with Brian Stanley, an education nonprofit executive living in Oakland. He’s a Black Catholic man raising two Black boys, along with his amazing wife, Celeste. He talks about his time at Saint Mary’s College, a school run by a Catholic order of brothers called the Christian Brothers. We talked about his experience at the one and only St. Columba Parish in North Oakland, where Black heritage and Catholicism come together every day.

Our conversation covers his work in the educational nonprofit world, the ways his faith influences his quarantine, and why he thinks White people are waking up to racist policies in the U.S. NOW.

Episode 18: Episode 18: A Radical, Eucharistic Life with Jamie L. Manson On a Mission

Jamie L. Manson wrote the column entitled Grace on the Margins for the paper for 12 years. She recently left that post to become the President of Catholics for Choice. We talk about her journey as an out-lesbian Catholic journalist. We talk about reproductive health as a human right. We talk about her deep sacramental spirituality. We talk about Pope Francis…who, by the way… does he read Jamie’s columns? Take a listen and see what you think. Find notes and links about this episode at http://www.molleendupreedominguez.com
  1. Episode 18: Episode 18: A Radical, Eucharistic Life with Jamie L. Manson
  2. Episode 17: A Queer Catholic Experience with Zinzy Nev Geene
  3. Episode 16: Holy Boldness with Lydia Tinajero Deck
  4. Episode 15: Doing the Work Your Soul Must Have with Casey Stanton
  5. On a Mission, Episode 14: Gun Violence Activism with Anna Mahony

Brian recommended:

Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom
James Baldwin’s books
Toni Morrison’s books

Also, are you listening to Nice White Parents? So many more good reflections on the role of White parents in public education.

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